The Olive Barrel Prides Itself On Their Vast Array And

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The Olive Barrel prides itself on their vast array and quality of olive oils, over 50 different flavors, that have numerous health benefits and add flavor to one’s everyday food. Rich and sweet balsamic vinegars are also The Olive Barrel’s most popular products that the company sells. The bottle design of both the olive oils and balsamic vinegars is similar to many other brands of the same products, this is not a negative attribute, considering the dark bottle is what keeps the products fresh. In regards to the labeling, it is unique to the company, sets them apart from competition, and is uniform across all the various products sold. The product lines, especially concerning the olive oils, should be considered. Even though The Olive…show more content…
Customers in the target market that prioritize the superior health and quality of The Olive Barrel’s products will continue to come back and pay the prices necessary to realize a profit. Distribution Distribution is very important in the marketing mix because it deals with making products available when and where customers want them. As with all of the elements included in the marketing mix, place/distribution can be the difference between a successful or an unsuccessful business. The specific characteristics of The Olive Barrel’s place/distribution are the store’s physical location, its product distributors, and its availability to the customers. Located at 2100 South Columbia Road, The Olive Barrel has a very exceptional physical location in Grand Forks. The Olive Barrel holds a very central location within the city, and is right off of one of Grand Forks’ main roads. This location makes it very easy for many of its potential customers to make a trip to the store. If they were to move locations, we recommend moving over more into the shopping district to potentially gain different clientele. The Olive Barrel has normal hours from 10am to 6pm on all days except the weekend making its products easily available to customers. As many of its potential customers would likely stop in after work, the 6pm closing time gives them plenty of time to make it over if they

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