The Olympian Oscar Pistorius’s Fame

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The twenty-seven year old amputee Olympian, Oscar Pistorius accused of murder.Involving his late model and law grad girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on the night of Valentines day last year.Through his murder trial Mr.Pistorius has proven through his statements to be an overprotective person in certain situations.Mr.Pistorius to have an unstable mind, and last still fearful of the situation at hand. Oscar Pistorius is obviously guilty of harming this innocent victim and her family. Mr.Pistorius has a troubling past when it comes to crime, if it wasn't facing charges in court, it was witnessing and hearing stories of crime being done to his family. Pistorius picked up the habit of keeping a gun under his bed, due to his mother. So at the night of the murder he believed it was intruder he had this to say: “I was was too scared to switch a light on. I grabbed my 9-mm pistol from underneath my bed”(Westfall,2014,para,3).Pistorius must have been waiting on a moment like this and didn't know how to handle himself when the results of the aftermath shed a new light. In a statement in court , Mr.Pistorius view of crime is to be mindful of crime, cautious when it comes to intruders , and to be offensive when coming across a threat(Lyall,2014,para.9). During the night of the murder Mr. Oscar Pistorius's paranoia obviously worked against him in the night of the incident. The Olympian Oscar Pistorius’s fame most of got the best of him, because he seems to be very unstable. Pistorius has

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