The Olympic Events Of The Olympics

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Have you ever wanted to be in the Olympics? The Olympics started in 776 B.C. in Ancient Greece. When only men could participate in the Olympics because they would get fit and they fought naked in some of the games. Women could not compete or watch. Also they did some exotic games that we don’t have today. Some of the games are Discus, it is where you have a disc and you are in a ring and throw it as far as you can throw. Also they had wrestling which they don 't have now, but back then they were naked and had oil all over them. Another game was running like “the stade race, which was the pre-eminent test of speed, covering the Olympia track from one end to the other (200m foot race),” another running event was “the diaulos (two stades - 400m foot race), dolichos (ranging between 7 and 24 stades”(Olympic). Some of the other events were jumping like “Athletes used stone or lead weights called halteres to increase the distance of a jump. They held onto the weights until the end of their flight, and then jettisoned them backwards.” Another event was Boxing, “Boxers wrapped straps (himantes) around their hands to strengthen their wrists and steady their fingers. Initially, these straps were soft but, as time progressed, boxers started using hard leather straps, often causing disfigurement of their opponent 's face”(Olympic). Another event was Pankration and “this was a primitive form of martial art combining wrestling and boxing, and was considered to be one of the toughest
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