The Olympic Games Are Able To Unify The Otherwise Divided

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The Olympic Games are able to unify the otherwise divided world through a shared love of sports and displays of great athleticism. Much like competitors being recognized with medals for their athletic achievements, major corporations seek higher brand recognition by using the Olympic games as a global marketing platform. In order to do so, companies must identify themselves as official sponsors, which has become an increasingly expensive investment. Leading up to the Rio 2016 Olympics, twelve sponsors invested multi-millions of dollars to gain exclusive worldwide marketing rights. Although, before the 2016 Games, the IOC, or the International Olympic Committee, implemented a change in Rule 40, allowing unofficial sponsors to use Olympic…show more content…
The decrease in consumer engagement on social media platforms is bad for the sponsors, as well, as they hope their advertisements would be a part of positive online conversation. Despite speculation that companies might take a financial loss for their 2016 sponsorships, many of the global sponsors ended up benefiting from their investment. Among the 2016 sponsors was Procter & Gamble, an international consumer goods company, which has been an official global sponsor since the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games (3). “Each year, P&G’s Olympic Games campaign is inspired by the research brands like Pampers and Bounty to create products that work better for moms and families” (4). At the 2010 Games, the company’s “corporate advertising campaign yielded 39% higher brand recall and 62% higher message recall than average Olympic ads” (5). As a result of their success, Procter and Gamble signed on as official global sponsors for the next five Olympic Games.
Before the London 2012 Olympic Games, Procter & Gamble launched the “Thank You, Mom” campaign, which “is the biggest campaign in P&G’s nearly 175-year history” (4). Over the years, the different campaign installments have become “among the most viewed Olympic Games videos of all time” (4). When launching the campaign, Procter & Gamble also released the “Thank You, Mom” app so people could thank their own moms by uploading personalized videos,
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