The Olympic Games Of Ancient Greece

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Every four years, the entire world congregates to watch the Olympic Games. Here, thousands of the world’s greatest athletes compete for glory. The modern Olympic Games started only in 1896, but the ancient Olympic Games began over two-thousand years before. The ancient Greek Olympics were an important part of the Greek culture and were celebrated for hundreds of years, during which the political and cultural borders shifted. The athletic games held in Olympia during ancient Greece exemplified the religious and exclusive nature of the ancient Greek society.
Even though the first ancient Olympic game started in 776 BCE, the tradition of athletics in ancient Greece dates back to times before Homer. In the Odyssey, one can read about athletics and games. Although the games held in Olympia were not the only athletic tournament in Greece, it was the oldest and had the most importance.
Olympia was originally a sanctuary for people to come and worship the gods. There were numerous temples and altars at the site, and many animals were sacrificed. The purpose of the games was to celebrate and honor the Greek gods. Throughout the years, the main focus of the games was not of personal glory and honor, but rather, to celebrate, glorify, and honor the gods.
The site of Olympia is marked by the Hill of Kronos, which juts into the landscape near the plains where the Alpheios River meets the Kladeos River. This area was a sanctuary for the people of Elis. The Elians placed their
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