The Olympic Games Of Ancient Greek Athletics

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Stephen G. Miller, an expert Yale professor in the field of Ancient Greek athletics states that the Olympics were held “in honor of Zeus in the city of Olympia” (Miller). “The element of religion is evident in this historical event. Many people have heard of the concepts of the Greek Gods, but this level of religious involvement is interesting. These games were held “for four days every fourth summer”, a tradition that partially continues to this day (Miller). “Many festivals in ancient Greece were dedicated to the Gods” (Miller). In addition to the Olympic Games, there were also other athletic festivals which included the Pythian Games at Delphi, the Isthmian at Corinth, and the Nemean at Argos (Miller). However, the Olympics at Olympia were “the oldest and most prestigious of the four great ancient Greek athletic festivals. The height of the Olympic Games occurs between the fifth and fourth centuries B.C. During this period, the games became more and more professionalized until they provoked much censure during the Roman period (Miller). This is somewhat similar to the present day games where the competitors are supposed to be amateurs, but many are professionals at their craft. Take for example the United States basketball squad. For decades this team has consisted of the best professionals the country has to offer. This is still a tradition, or problem, the games experience today. The Greek games were very nationalistic and it is said that “states were said to have…

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