The Olympic Games and Media Coverage

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A very popular and large sporting event that receives an extremely high volume of national media coverage is the Olympic Games. For a number of years, major stations like NBC has provided audiences with an around the clock coverage of the Games. Many other major medias similar to NBC have also done the same by devoted sections solely to the Olympic Games. The Olympics is a time where citizens come together to root for their home country, strengthening their sense of nationalism and pride and cheering for their home athletes to come out victoriously and the country as a powerhouse of the world. Organically, the games give off a sense of war like mentality because countries are competing against each other for the prize, the gold metal.…show more content…
They did recognize the negative attention they have been receiving as a country and therefore slightly attempted to address many of them with the opening ceremony where millions of people from all over the world were tuned in. They began by demonstrating to the world that they are “transforming into an advanced nation.” They also acknowledge a mistake they made when the Olympic snowflakes failed to open, however they confidently fixed their error by covering it by using rehearsal footage when it was being podcasted live. This resonated with me because it was a way of saying that as a nation they are resilient and can overcome anything that comes their way. The Russian newspapers were more critical of themselves then I expected them to be, they did mention the disapproval the government had received for the amount of money spent for the Olympics. However similarly to the New York Times the message overall was to convey a nationalistic attitude, pride, and to change the reputation of the country around the world through “[…] Russia’s conservative values while reminding the world of the country’s famed cultural heritage and hinting at its
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