The Olympic Hockey Game Between The Soviet Union And The United States

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The 1980 Olympic hockey game between the Soviet Union and the United States known as the miracle on ice is the most incredible moments in recent American history due to the significance. The United States was truly an underdog kind of like David and goliath, because no one expected the United States to win against the soviets. The time in history is also important as the game took place during the height of the cold war and these two nations that could break into nuclear war at anytime had to face each other in a hockey game. This rivalry between the two countries transferred on to the game and the result was amazing, at least for the United States.
In modern day America sports are a very important part of our culture, because we are constantly watching sports and participating in sports. In any sport we watch mythology is present. The very act itself of playing the sport is reflective of old roman times when gladiators would kill for the crowds entertainment although today instead of killing its by hitting a home run or scoring a goal. “At their best, sports are about the extraordinary capacities of the human spirit.”(Wolter). These athletes can become extremely popular to the point were they are viewed as superhuman just like in myths, and there is a reason because the best athletes in their respective sport do what no average person could do. “The most legendary performances speak of almost super-human feats: the sub 4 minute mile, Michael Jordan’s flu stricken playoff

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