The Olympics : A Major Dream Of Young Athletes

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Being an athlete in the Olympics is a major dream of young athletes today, but what if there were no Olympics? The Olympics originally began as a way to honor the Greek gods, after many years the Olympics were brought back to become an annual event, and now the games are a major part of sports entertainment today. The ancient Greek games are believed to be founded around 776 BC, although not much proof has been found to justify this date. These games only known to be celebrations of the powerful athletes, took place in all of the popular Greek cities. Although we do not know exactly when the games began, most stories tell us that Zeus created the games himself. According to these stories, it was at Olympia that Zeus wrestled with his father Kronos for control. After his victory, he arranged a set of contests for the gods to celebrate with him. In other stories Herakles, who helped protect Zeus when he was a baby, held a race there for his four brothers and awarded the winner a crown of wild olive leaves. The Greeks residents believe long ago they held races for men who were strong and brave enough that they were gods themselves (Perrottet 10). When these winners or heroes died, their families would perform these races and competitions as a part of their funeral. The ancient Greeks started to log the Games from 776 BC. The first game consisted of only one race. This race led to the greatest athletic competitions in the world. Only a few years later many more sports…
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