The Olympics : A Special World Tradition

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The Olympic Savior The Olympics have always been a special world tradition. More than just sports, its an event with such influence and spirit that it can unify an entire world of contrasting people. In its beginnings, the event was regarded so holy that even military threats and ongoing wars would be suspended for its duration. However, the cancellation of three (including 2 consecutive) Games demonstrated that as international politics and dispute increased, the importance and significance of the Olympics decreased. Additionally, the Games were economically proving to be too great a risk, especially after the financial disaster that was Montreal 1976. The Olympics were becoming a dying legend, and if not for the success of Los Angeles 1984 and head organizer Peter Ueberroth’s ingenious ideas, it’s possible the Olympics may not have existed today. The Olympic Truce was an idea established in the 9th century B.C. in Ancient Greece. “During the truce, wars were suspended, armies were prohibited from entering … or threatening the Games, and legal disputes and the carrying out of death penalties were forbidden” (“The Olympic truce”). In other words, the world would practically stop for the Olympics Games. This trend generally continued until the 20th century, where World War’s I and II led to the cancellation of the 1916, 1940, and 1944 Games respectively. The humanistic values the Olympic Games initially stood for were beginning to no longer be strong enough to combat the
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