The Olympics And Olympics Should Be Eliminated

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In the 2016 Rio Olympics, 3.6 billion people watched at least one moment of the sixteen day event. (Appelbaum) That is incredible to think about but it is also stunning to dig deeper than to just hear the positive numbers that they broadcast on the news. Does the Olympics make a positive impact in the world? With the debt that the host cities encounter after the games are over, The International Olympic Committee (IOC) struggles to choose an economically stable city, and the horrific aftermath of the Olympics in the host city, the Olympics should have a rotation process between five different host cities or the Olympics should be eliminated. The IOC has many goals and objectives for during the Olympics and after the Olympics are over.…show more content…
While considering Norway 's bid for the 2018 Olympic Games, the IOC asked for 24-hour butler service and separate entrances at the Oslo Airport” (FloTrack). This makes the bidding process completely unfair and gives the IOC more power than what they should have. This is part of the reason why the Olympics are not always hosted at the most appropriate cities. No country is going to turn down an offer from the IOC because it would ruined their chances of hosting the Olympics in the future. If a member of the IOC likes a country more than a different country then that will give them an opportunity that allows them to choose a country of their choice and not one that is more of a proper fit. The IOC is a lot about equality and being fair but how is giving countries these special support to the bids fair? Quint 3 In the past host cities have not been chosen wisely. Many times there are problems going on in the country or other countries having problems with the host city. Dating back to the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany, this was the first time that there was a significant problem with the host nation that the IOC choose. Right around that time Germany was under control by Adolf Hitler. Also during that time, German Nazis were already establishing Concentration Camps for the Holocaust that occurred 5 years, after the olympic games ended in 1941. It does not make much sense to give a country that has a

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