The Olympics Is No Easy Feat

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Winning the bid to host the Olympics is no easy feat. But, hosting it and all the effects of that come with it can be complete and utter destruction to the people, their spirits and their economy. Thousands of tourist empty their pockets every four years – Rio De Janeiro has some high ceilings; but, higher expectations. The thing with the Olympics is you must have to infrastructure to handle it. Which in most cases the countries don’t and this is especially true in Rio’s case. The Olympic games empties the pockets of thousands of tourists every four years – but Rio has a lot to live up to, and it’s starting to look like the city’s infrastructure and economy will not be able to handle the pressure Now, with the Olympics you build up your…show more content…
The OCOG states that since 1984 every host has reached their break-even cost. Yet, it doesn’t account for other costs. It only accounts for the budget for operating. It doesn’t include the stadiums, living quarters and everything else. Ultimately, if you host the Olympics you have to worry about everything that comes with it. You must worry about security, not as much of an outcome as expected then destruction of future tourism. Obtaining Revenue The exact amount of money that the games have generated is unknown. But, the IOC has released statements stating that that it the revenue gained should be similar to previous Olympics. All said and done, the TV earnings was 4.1 billion dollars. That’s twice as much as the previous Olympics held in Athens. Obviously, sponsorships are one of the biggest ways to generate revenue. You would have sponsors from not only worldwide known names but from foreign country businesses. It makes up to fifth of the total revenue. It’s up to the IOC to disperse revenue to cover their expenses. Roughly only ten percent goes to the administrative cost and the rest goes to the nations participating. Infrastructure and tourism From 2008 to 14, Rio’s tourism revenue nearly doubled with some assistance from the World Cup. So, obviously, they have some experience. But, the number of tourists to visit is not known. Only 400,000 tourists are expected to watch the games in Rio De Janeiro. Brazil, is known to many for
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