The Olympics Should Be Held At Boston

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Are the Olympics beneficial to Cities? The Olympics show people that the greatest sporting event in the world is so much more than just a game. The Olympics give people an opportunity to meet others from different countries despite their cultural, political, and religious differences. Also the Olympics give people the sense of unity and hope. Therefore, by hosting an event like the Olympics, Boston has taken the right decision due to the multiple benefits will occur to the city, the Olympics will contribute to the prosperity of the economy, bring a lot tourist, and shows the beauty of Boston to the world. Therefore, the Olympics should be held in Boston. Some people believe that hosting the Olympics in Boston is a huge responsibility for the city because of many things. For example, it’s a huge risk because the country will invest a lot of money . So for some people the Olympics is, economically, not worthwhile in the slightest, and the games are ridiculous expensive due to money that the government will spend for the construction such as ; building stadiums, the construction of the infrastructure of the country to cater the needs of the athletes or sportspeople. Also a lot of people think that Olympics will affect the population of the Boston for about a month or two because if lots of people go, the city will be very crowded which creates lots of traffic and disrupts the daily life of the citizens. Besides that, some other people see that
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