The Omnipotence And Omniscience Of God Essay

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William Maillis PHL 111 Reaction Paper #2 Professor M. Scott Mayberry 13 December 2016 The Omnipotence and Omniscience of God Does God exist in the universe, or does the universe exist in God? This is the question mankind must answer when we discuss the attributes of God. Many times humanity attempts to place God in the universe and placing universal laws and limitations on God, but God is not bound by the laws of the universe, because the universe exists in God. If it true that God has created everything than how can he be limited by anything? Only God could limit Himself, by His own choice to do so. Thomas V. Morris in his article on the omnipotence of God asks; can God do everything that is logically possible? Who’s logic? Are we made in the Image and Likeness of God, or are we attempting to make Him in ours? The difficulty is this: as humans, we are imperfect, with our viewpoints so limited —is it God we connect to, or merely our own impression of Him? As imperfect humans, we know only ourselves. We connect to others, but we can never truly go into anybody’s mind but our own. Every “person” exists in a specific manner, completely immersed in his individual awareness, which is egocentric and exclusive. As human beings, we look towards reason and logic to try to understand existence and our place in it. However, there is no human being who is omniscient, so therefore our logic can be flawed, so what is logically possible? In the article; Omniscience and human freedom: a

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