The Omnivore 's Dilemma By Michael Pollan

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Food dominates the lives of people. It is used as comfort and fuel. But the controversy is, what should people consume? Burkhard Bilger 's piece, Nature 's Spoils, explores the abnormal way of eating, which is the fermentation of food. It is usually a safe practice, and also produces vitamins in the making. The Omnivore 's Dilemma by Michael Pollan expresses the problem of how humans select food. In How Do We Choose What to Eat? by Susan Bowerman she points out the influences on people’s life that affects their eating habits. By using Bowerman’s article as the keystone, Nature’s Spoils and The Omnivore’s Dilemma can be compared and contrasted. Since the food that people consume daily can affect them in the future, it must be chosen carefully.
In Nature’s Spoils by Burkhard Bilger, he follows Katz Sanders, who is a lover of sauerkraut and fermented food. The biography that Bilger includes of Sanders from goes back to when Sanders he was a political activist in 1972 before becoming a fermentation fetisht to where he was tested H.I.V. positive around 1991. One of the places they spent most was in Hickory Knoll, where Sanders spent a majority of his time experimenting with fermented foods. Along one of the stops during their road trip, they met a man named, Garth. Garth tells them of his story of eating raw milk and other food that hasn’t been processed, and how it had only made him feel stronger, which brings up the controversy of what is risky or beneficial to eat. As
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