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On 6/11/15 at 2:00 pm, I called Dr. McClain at his listed home number to confirm he was still in the area and to inquire if he would be available for an interview at some point. Dr. McClain began explaining that to his knowledge all of the complaints had been “kicked out” except for one case involving an ileostomy reversal. That complaint resulted from him being told not to have contact with patients since he was under investigation. The patient was upset because they could no longer see him, McClain stated.

McClain told me he had everything documented in statement form and would email it to me within 24-48 hours. I told him I was still in the process of obtaining information but would set up an interview time as soon as practical. McClain said they were moving from Columbia on or around July 15, but would do his best to accommodate an interview date beyond July.

On 6/12/15 I received a letter from Dr. McClain, via email, outlining his interpretation of how the university handled his situation, Attachment 2. A copy of the email was also included.

Dr. McClain’s written statement:
“I was recruited to the University of Missouri to serve in a tri-appointment with the School of Medicine, Harry S Truman VA hospital, and division of general surgery in July 2013. The assignments were seemingly going well and clinical growth was exceeding expectations. My most recent evaluation by both the division of surgery and the surgery residents had been completed and were more than…

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