The On A Dark Winter Night

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On a dark winter night, I rush out of my house in such a giddy way. I was frantically making my way to my car making sure I had everything ready. It was about to be three o 'clock in the morning. “Perfect i 'm right on schedule”, Jason said to himself. This day… Today 's the most wonderful day of the entire year , I have been waiting for this day for months to come. Planning every single little detail that you could possibly think about that could go wrong. I had it down and i was guaranteed that nothing could go wrong. I made my way around to the drivers side, turned my key the ignition roared with much might. It sounded more elighted for this day than i did for this day. I was off, I pulled up in the same spot i usually do across to the quicky mart; Waiting waiting… a blue toyota pulled up next to the store. Id know that blue car from anywhere, There!... There she was. Her name is Jenny Winchester she worked at the quicky mart for about a year now, and everything about her drives me insane. From her silky brown fair hair, to her perfectly glossy rounded lips, to her thin tan faired body, to her small petite feet. I loved it all and i 'm finally going to have it all!!! Now do you see why i love this day. I watched her for about five months now, and these months i 've cherished even if im not right beside her. I 've grown to know so much about her form her favorite foods to even the smallest things that bother her. I know everything that 's to know, she…
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