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Ball State University is a very reputable school with a lot of well-thought-out policies. Since 1918, Ball State has maintained a well-organized university, which is impressive when you consider the large enrollment number. However, one policy that Ball State could improve is the visitation policy. The current visitation policy is generally one of the biggest criticisms with Ball State, and for good reason. The current policy does not permit guests over in the dorms past midnight on weeknights. The reason why the policy is a problem is because it hinders the students’ academic experience, as it would deny study groups from meeting in a dorm past midnight. A feasible solution that Ball State could employ would be to extend the visitation policy to twenty-four hour visitation, but increase the consequences if hall rules are broken. This would be a more effective way of teaching responsibility, as well as allowing students to gain more academic independence.
The main problem with the policy is that not allowing guests after midnight could be detrimental to study groups that want to work at later times. According to a survey among first-year students at Ball State, over half of the participants said that they usually have to study past midnight on school nights (Survey). Due to the frequent group projects that some college students have to do, this policy is an obstacle that they must work around. If the residence halls would allow overnight visitation on weeknights, study
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