The On Birth Control And Pregnancy

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With this week coming to a close, we are officially more than halfway through the class. This means that I am three weeks closer to finishing something that I started back in 1996 when I first started my college journey at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. It’s been almost 20 years and this will definitely be an achievement but first I have to make it through the next few weeks. This week focused was on birth control and pregnancy, specifically focusing in on planning when a person will become pregnant and what happens once a person becomes pregnant. As usual there were multiple assignments. We had our normal issues from the Taking Sides text, a discussion on the politics of childbirth, an assignment on the different contraceptives, the quiz, a status check on the final paper and this wonderful three page reflection paper. As usual, I will start with this week’s reading from the Taking Sides text. This week was slightly different in that we were given four topics to choose from and could choose two to read and discuss. The two that were most interesting to me discussed the questions; do reality TV shows portray responsible messages about teen pregnancy and should pharmacists have the right to refuse contraceptive prescriptions? In addition were the question of abortion being moral, a topic I definitely didn’t want to touch and the question of whether parents should be allowed to select the sex of their baby. For the first topic of on teen pregnancy I was
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