The On Conscious Capitalism By John Mackey And Raj Sisodia

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“Those of us alive today can choose to lead the most meaningful lives humans have ever led” is a famous quote from Lynne Twist. Today, our world and economy is thriving like never before. We live in a society that has incredible opportunities to change the world for the better. With the advancement in technology, knowledge, and resources, our economy in a place it has never seen before. According to Doug Levy’s presentation on Conscious Capitalism, Capitalism has been the major factor in ending poverty in our world. If current trends continue at the rate they do today, extreme poverty will be nearly eliminated over the next few decades. In the texts Conscious Capitalism by John Mackey and Raj Sisodia, The Art of Servant Leadership by Tony…show more content…
According to Mackey, Conscious Capitalism “Reflects a deeper consciousness about why businesses exist and how they can create more value” (Mackey, Sisodia, 33) in order to make their business more successful, but also value each individual as well. Businesses are at a point where they can no longer just earn money to grow the success of the business. Competition has become so that changing the way business must function to remain at a competitive level with rival companies. Whole Food’s takes into consideration what the customers want and ensure happiness during their experience at Whole Foods. Since they have shaped their business model in such a way, Whole Foods has become extremely success with loyal customer satisfaction. We have seen several shifts in the integration of business ethics amongst all employees, investors, and stakeholders. A business such as Whole Foods, whose primary focus is on the greatest good for the customers, has a great reputation for their products and service. As a result, they are one of the most successful businesses for their combination of ethics and conscious capitalism practices.
Businesses also have a variety of different leaders controlling the organization. Some executives attain a high-level position, placing them in a leadership role. However, there are many leadership positions that do not actually “lead” a team. A leader does not decide to be a leader overnight. A leader possesses a particular set of qualities and
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