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The procedure was carried out on Dell Latitude laptops provided by Queens University and logging onto Queens Online. The appendix for this experiment was located on a Microsoft Document and used Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 with results recorded on to Microsoft Excel 2013. Procedure Under the Lab Tutors guidance each person logged into ‘Laboratory Practical Classes’ folder found in the ‘PSY1001’ file through Queens Online. Opening folder named Week 8 – Social Psychology Practical, instructions were given on selecting and downloading one of two PowerPoint presentations. Selection was based upon the participant’s date of birth. Control Group 1 was made up of those participants whose date of birth fell between January and June and Control…show more content…
18 dependant variables were required from all 21 participants in this group. The positive and negative responses were correlated and the mean obtained for each. The standard deviation was also calculated for each response. The results show that there was a significant swing towards the positive responses with the mean of 14.71 and a standard deviation of 2.87. The negative responses correlated a mean score of 3.24 with a standard deviation of 2.77. This demonstrates that just over 70% of those who participated in the Warm control group returned positive responses with both standard deviations within an acceptable level of around 2.8. This is clear evidence that the inclusion of the central trait independent variable of Warm did significantly influence the dependant variable outcome in favour of positive comments thus collaborating Asch’s hypothesis. Control group 2 with dates of birth between July and December (Table 1.2) ADJECTIVE POSITIVE WORDS NEGATIVE WORDS COLD 8.25 9.79 SD 3.23 3.24 SD – Standard Deviation The table 1.2 above shows the number of positive

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