The On Faith Based Rehabilitation Centers

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spring2life - do you have to be Christian to go to a faith-based rehab Faith-based rehabilitation centers are popping up all over the country and are helping people like you recover from addiction. And you 've heard about these centers, but are worried they won 't accept you because you 're not Christian. Never fear! Faith-based rehabs are not exclusive to Christians. And I 'm here to show you how they can be a crucial step in your personal healing process. Faith-Based Rehabs Won 't Turn Away Non-Christians The best thing about faith-based rehabs is that most will never turn away non-Christians. Religious affiliation is not judged harshly in these rehabs, but instead used as a way to help inspire you to regain a healthy and drug-free life. In fact, you might be surprised at the heavy scientific base that underlies most, if not all, faith-based rehabs. The basic beliefs of faith-based rehabs are as followed: Addiction is not a moral disease: it is a biological and social illness. Physical and emotional health must be healed before spiritual health. Spiritual problems caused by addiction are not sins, but signs of sickness. Psychological and behavioral treatments are a prime focused. All staff must be accredited and professional. Faith forms a cornerstone, but not the whole foundation, of healing. Does that seem like the kind of rehab that would turn away someone who needed help? No way. Faith-based rehabs understand the importance of addressing all elements of addiction
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