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As we continue to consume fossil fuels on a scale never seen in human history, we are faced with the nagging but not imminent question: what is going to happen when we run out? It’s the same question any addict asks themselves, and the way they respond can affect the rest of their life. It is impossible to forget 2008: gasoline rose to nearly $4 a gallon, the stock market plummeted, millions lost their jobs, and Americans and foreigners alike responded in a way that only the fear of spending more money can motivate. Why are we as a global society so hooked on fossil fuels? Put simply, we can’t live without it. Few people-- outside of aspiring reality TV stars and the Amish-- would be willing to give up their precious electronics and…show more content…
Mansueto Ventures, LLC, 13 Nov. 2014. Web. 04 June 2015.)-- we would not only outgrow the earth’s resource limits, but we would need 5.4 earths to sustain humanity. Without access to fuel, industry is hindered. The time it takes to travel from point a to point b increases tremendously if there is a limit to the amount of fuel that one has access to. In the 1970’s during an “oil crisis”, gas stations limited customers to 10 gallons each. The need to stop at more gas stations more often will increase shipping time, decrease productivity, and hinder new nations in their development and entrance into the postmodern marketplace. The origin of the energy crisis stems from the days of the industrial revolution. Coal and Oil were more efficient than wood, and seemingly abundant across the globe. At one point, the ash from factories in Great Britain was so profuse that it turned the bark of trees a different color and caused the species of peppered moth to alter their coloration in fast-paced phenotypic evolution. Expand the scenario where human energy consumption and the subsequent alteration of climate exceeds the rate at which animals and biomes can adapt is a terrifying and very real one. A growing disparity between rich nations and poorer developing countries due to the rate at which technology is being adopted and economic maneuvering power No matter how hard we try, the effects of pollution are everywhere. From major catastrophes like the

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