The On Gospel Essentials Of The United States

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Gospel Essentials One of the fundamental rights in the U.S. constitution is guaranteed to all citizens in the first amendment. We have the right to practice any religion of our choosing, including the practice of no religion at all. The framers of the constitution even put the freedom of religion before our rights to free speech and free press (Haiman). This constitutional right allows America’s blend of naturalists, pantheists, theists, and spiritualists to practice their beliefs without interference from the government. This collection of religions adds to our diverse culture and creates an atmosphere of individuality without persecution. The Christian worldview possesses very unique qualities that separate it from the others. Christians believe that only one God exists (Timothy 2:5) and that he created mankind in his own image (Genesis 1:27). God then sent his son Jesus to die for the original sin of man and to allows us to ask forgiveness for our sins. Christian values are built off the teachings of the holy bible and are absolute with the teachings of God. In order to analyze the Christian worldview and actively practice it without persecution one must investigate the belief in God and his son Jesus, understand human nature, and accept restoration and redemption. God. The Christian worldview has God at the forefront of all creation. God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1), he created all that walks, all that talks, and all the beasts on Earth. In
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