The On Health Care Reform

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The idea of passing the health care reform was to expand health care coverage, however, in order to do so, many changes must be implemented in order to fulfill the ACA 's promises. The first of which is allowing all individuals to acquire health insurance no matter the age, pre-existing conditions, or other unfair practices. Statistics show that “half of Americas” have a preexisting medical condition in which with the passage of the ACA, it allows individuals to acquire health insurance without the worry of having to pay high insurance bills (Moisse, 2011). The reason why having preexisting health conditions is no longer a factor in acquiring health insurance is because with the passage of the ACA (as discussed earlier, it was made a mandate to acquire health insurance) it is expected that it will balance out economically with the people who require more medical help to their healthier counterparts that do not require as much medical attention (Goodnough, 2016). The ACA has Americans searching for a health insurance company, however, not everyone can afford one. This makes it an issue on whether it is possible to enforce such statute if insurance is not accessible for all. The solution brought about with Obamacare was the creation of subsidies. The first form of cost assistance is the use of premium tax credits which lowers premiums. Just as Medicaid, tax credits depend upon income in which the lower your income the lower the percentage you will have to pay towards health

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