The On Hydatid Disease Is A Serious Health Problem

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Dr. Bosley was chosen by the government of a North African Islamic republic to determine whether or not hydatid disease is a serious health problem. Hydatid disease is very infectious, and causes the development of large fluid-filled cysts located in the lungs, liver, and other organs. The disease is caused by the tapeworm Echinococcus, which lays eggs that will likely develop into cysts which pose a risk of a fatal toxic reaction if ruptured. Dr. Bosley was elected to conduct a survey of the distribution of the disease, of which he conducts unethically.
Dr. Bosley decided to target public clinics with is North African colleagues in order to survey the most patients for his study. To perform his study, he decides to take a small blood sample as well as performing a skin test to diagnose allergy. After a preliminary survey, Dr. Bosley clearly realized that his patients have a major foundational misunderstanding of the concept of pathology and its etiology, yet decides to build off of their false logic by making them believe he is providing a form of therapy. This is a violation of patient autonomy, and is a form of medical tyranny due to the complete lack of informed consent. Although obtaining consent in a transcultural setting is difficult when imparting unfamiliar Western values and modern day medicine, delusive practice should not be used as it will create disrepute for Dr. Bosley’s survey. The major ethical issues behind Dr. Bosley’s survey is the fact that Dr. Bosley…
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