The On Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness

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In the United States, we really put an emphasis on liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is one of our founding principles; however, in some areas, we seem to want to limit that. For example, in our education system, our society has been arguing for quite some time about whether or not there should be options or whether everyone should be required to attend the standard brick-and-mortar public schools. While those schools serve a critical purpose in our society, that does not mean that other types of schools are worthless. Because we are all different, we need to value and provide options in our education.
Not every person learns in the same way. Our brains process things differently, and our personalities can be vastly different. Trying to make every student conform to the same way of learning is like trying to fit a circle in a square peg; it does not work. According to the National Science Teachers Association, “Students actually learn best through various styles: personal meaning, conceptual learning, how things work, and self-discovery.” The article goes on to say that those who learn by personal meaning process things well using discussion, while those who learn best by conceptual learning are more solitary. As you can see, the former would probably do well in group learning; however, the latter may benefit from being at home or in a solitary environment. Some kids might like to learn with hands-on learning while others like to learn from books.
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