The On Signs Of Biosocial, Cognitive And Psychosocial Development

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Many children await the day when they can be considered grown up. For them it represents a time where they possess more rights and privileges. However, for middle children which are between the ages of 7 through12 this time may seem more like a nightmare because it marks the time when they undergo physical and mental changes. These physical and mental changes have a major impact on their development. The subject in this scenario is a little boy named Mark who is being bullied at school by a group of older boys to the point that he has received bruises from the encounters. As a result, Mark dislikes going to school for the fear of being embarrassed or hurt and the looming threat of recurring bodily harm if he asks for help from the teachers. This situation has become so serious that Mark is barely eating and has withdrawn himself from his peers in efforts to avoid the boys who are bulling him. After examining the above scenario, this paper will explain Mark’s different issues based on signs of biosocial, cognitive and psychosocial development and discuss what should be done to help Mark succeed in his current situation based on research.
After examining Mark’s scenario it was clear to see the developmental issues faced by this young man from various domains. For example, in Marks situation he shows signs of middle childhood biosocial development by how he assumes that the bullying is caused by his size and how he blames himself for the situation. In the book, The Developing

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