The On The Air Conditioning System

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Spike is booked in for a lump removal procedure. The lump was located bellow his left ear and vets were confidant it was a Melanoma. The vets were confident if they took large margins around the growth that there is a low chance of it coming back but on going treatment may be needed. The surgery nurse will turn on the air conditioning system (which is designed to be used in surgical suites) to 21 degrees Celsius. The nurse ensures the theatre is ventilated and clear of unnecessary equipment; the operating tablet is free of dust and in the correct position for the surgery vet. The table will be lowered to the correct height for the nurses to be able to transfer the patient into sterile surgery safely. The table height can be adjusted with foot pedals. The nurse will place a heat mat on the table covered by a fluff free towel to ensure the patient is kept warm during the procedure but not exposed directly to the heat mat. This is plugged in straight away to ensure there is enough time for the mat to heat up. The nurse will also set up the Bair Hugger in the surgery, which will be switched on prior to the patient being moved into surgery. This is used as another means to keep the anaesthetised patient warm during surgery. The Bair Hugger is plugged into the power outlet; the correct size inflatable blanket is selected for that patient and is tied around the hose, which delivers the warm air. Heat bags are placed into the microwave for 90 seconds and placed under the towel on
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