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As a supervisor according to my knowledge based on the American with Disability Act, I as supervisor would give Cheryl an oral warning. I will notify her that the ADA law states that she needs to do her job appropriately. I will check on her time and performance. If she did not perform a good job then I will give her a written warning. My first recommendation is that she should meet the EPA advisor and get some assistance from that program because that program may give her the lesson how to improve the work performance. I assume if she follows EPA counselor suggestions, she will find a solution to her problems. My second recommendation to give her assistance who could help her during work and after work she could go for counseling class, which may help her stay away from late nights out. Because this way after counseling she would have all the information, she learned in that program may make her stay away from it. I assume if we show her how important she is to our company needs; that our company success id depended on her work. According to my company budget termination will be not good idea, instead I give her another opportunity over cope her problems and being part of our company so many years. As supervisor I would recommended her best treatment for her problem and work with her. The disadvantage it would create if she has terminated the company would have look for somebody else in place and it will

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