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The Area of Law Based on the case given, the pertinent area of law is whether the necessary conditions for a legitimate contract to be established were fulfilled. Principles of Law A contract could possibly be described as a written or verbal arrangement where there is an offer and an acceptance between a minimum of two parties which establishes commitments and entitlements that could be made compulsory by law. In order for a legitimate contract to be established, there are three fundamental conditions required. First of all, each party involved must have the intention to establish legal relations, without the element of intention there may be no contract formed even if the other conditions are present; Secondly, it is crucial for the parties involved to come to a consensus; Last but not least, the promises made have to be reinforced by consideration (Field 2013). The condition most pertinent to this case is intention. There are a few presumptions which the courts applies when dealing with the element of intention. However, these presumptions could be negated if there is sufficient proof to prove otherwise (Gibson & Fraser, 2007:12-13). In business or industrial contexts, it is presumed that the parties involved intend to form lawful associations or dealings unless stated otherwise. As shown in the case St George Football Association Inc. v Soccer NSW Ltd [2005] NSWSC 1196, the president of Soccer NSW tried defending himself using the reason of no intention to be bounded
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