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Band Over Sports
A number of sources repeatedly claim that music is essential to a child’s growth, and that it boosts math and social skills (CNN). However, Fayette County, along with many other counties, are cutting down on art funds to make room for sports indulgences. Instead of new sousaphones for the marching band, renovations for a recently upgraded stadium. Instead of bus funds for trips, new workout equipment for the football team.
I know that Fayette County wants to please everyone, and that they try to show their support for whoever shows their need the most. But for a meeting discussing the cutting of band and orchestra from public schools, dozens of concerned parents attended to show their support for the arts (Kentucky).
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You also have to take props, permission to use music, and uniform cleaning into consideration. If you add those to the cost, it totals to around $400,000 per year. That’s an enormous amount to pay with next to no help from the district, which in turn bumps up annual band payments for each family. At Lafayette High School, the cost is $1,000 per year per student. This adds even more money to pay with school costs, and can put stress on families’ economy. In fact, this year at Lafayette, some families couldn’t pay their fees, and we are now unable to attend a major competition we had planned because of our budget.
This put a huge damper on the band. The competition that we cancelled was going to be the biggest part of the year, where we got to take tour buses to St. Louis to compete against band from out-of-state, which we rarely get the opportunity to do. It was planned to be a lot of fun, and now that it’s out of the question, some kids questioned whether or not they wanted to stay in band, which they saw as a dying program. However, the program was far from dying, if cut down slightly. It was definitely in their best interest to stay in the band, as it has numerous benefits aside from strengthening your musical prowess.
Band affects nearly every part of your daily life while you’re in it. Every aspect, including multi-tasking, discipline,
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