The On The Big 5 Factor Personality Inventory

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Introduction Chapter 3 The independent variables for this study will be the scores on the Big 5 factor personality inventory (Goldberg, 1999). The dependent variable for this study will be the number of reprimands documented by the Board of Psychology and the court database. Research Design The research design for this particular study is Descriptive Correlational. In order to be able to get the best results using the best method of design it must be in a controlled and standardized setting. The MMPI would also helpful in order to get the test results needed for the measurement graph (Condon, 2015). In a descriptive correlational design, to get proper results, the survey design would work well. If everyone who received the survey were to complete the survey, this would also be a good design to use. The only drawback to the survey is that it is subjective as opposed to the experimental design which is objective. Participants Forensic psychologists that will be included in the sample are those who have testified as an expert witness in the state of California over the last five years. The reason for this is in order to include some psychologists who have been reprimanded with the 5-factor model. Instruments The type of measurement that will be used is the Big-5 personality inventory. The dependent and independent variables will be analyzed as continuous variables on SPSS or excel, and the analysis will be run as correlational. This scale of measurement based will be ratio.
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