The On The Blank White Wall Lies

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Heavy textbooks overshadow every corner of the desk. Pens, pencils, and highlighters are scattered throughout the small table. A tower of paperwork is piled so high that a slight breeze would cause an avalanche of loose-leaf paper to crash onto the carpet. Not a single square centimeter of the mahogany desk could be seen underneath all this clutter. In the center of this chaotic environment sits a high school girl, hunched over in a light grey foldable chair, intensely focusing on doing the schoolwork laid out in front of her. In the background, soft classical music plays, offsetting the occasional exasperated sigh leaving her mouth every so often. On the blank white wall lies nothing but a poster of the SAT and ACT dates and a bright yellow post-it note reminding her to register to take these tests soon.
At one point, we were all in her footsteps, focusing on the present while simultaneously preparing for life after high school.
Carmen is a prospective student, hoping to be admitted into Cal Poly as a Biology Major in order to enter into the medical field and become a pediatrician one day. She is 5’2”, and her features are delicate, yet toned. Her large brown eyes, arched brows, slim nose, rosy peach cheeks and gigantic smile rest on her tan skin. Characterized by her long brown ombré hair, bright turquoise braces, signature thick-rimmed black glasses and petite figure, Carmen is fiercely intelligent high school junior who loves learning and is passionate about
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