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Introduction: The board game Monopoly is played amongst a group of 2-8 players. Each player roles his or her dice and move around the board landing on properties, railroads, or utilities. The properties typically raise in value the further along a player moves around the board. The thought of Boardwalk’s value depreciating to Mediterranean Avenue is unheard of in the board game of Monopoly. However, in the real life game of Monopoly, a major city in America (Detroit, Michigan) had experienced a catastrophic depreciation in value that ultimately led to the city filing for chapter 9 bankruptcy. This writing assignment will evaluate the components that led to the rise and fall of a major city in America. First, it is important to examine the components that led to the growth and prosperity of Detroit, Michigan. The Rise of Detroit: The most significant factor that catapulted Detroit, Michigan to becoming a prosperous city in America was the mass production of the automobile in the early 20th century. Three companies encompassed the auto industry in America and they were Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler. Consequently, the three companies were referred to as the “Big Three.” The “Big Three” established their headquarters, and assemble plants in the Detroit area. David Littman, Senior Vice President & chief Economist, Comerica Bank (retired) stated, “what really built the city of Detroit were the thing of substance of a market system entrepreneurship and incentive…come to
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