The On The Bottom, Views From Oppositions

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Race to the bottom, Views from Oppositions The base for the hesitations in acceptance of the TTIP are different among Americans and Europeans. In Europe main concern is about the impact that the agreement will have on public services such as the healthcare, and consumer protection for instance food, health and safety standards along with labor conditions. However, in the United States, the objection to the TTIP is circulating more around fear about financial regulation, and limitation of the gains which the American companies currently enjoy for its cheap domestic energy supply. These objections from both sides of the Atlantic lead to the problem of policy making, and regulations which seemingly is different in EU and US. TTIP “will almost surely push for the lowest common standard, leveling downward rather than upward” (Joseph Stieglitz, 2013). a) Consumer Protection Guidelines and regulations Taking to the account of Europe’s strict standards for consumer protection, for some TTIP oppositions (from Europe), EU policies for this matter must be the reference point for all trade negotiations. Food regulation structures in the EU and US every so often differ noticeably in terms of control systems, labelling standards, fundamental cultural, ecological and ethical values (Knoll, Zinke and Jaksche, 2013). Other issues such as the EU bans on genetically modified foods, EU raw milk cheese, hormone-treated beef, antimicrobial resistance, chlorine-washed poultry and food products
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