The On The Deep Web Essay

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The Deep web is a place on the internet where most people think a lot of illegal activities happen. While there are illegal activities that happen here, the Deep web is only the internet that is not indexed by search engines. People can access these websites through an IP address but because of these websites not being indexed no one will be able to find them with normal search engines. The Dark web where most of the illegal activities is included in the Deep web as the Deep web is the term used for all the websites including the dark web websites. One browser people can access these hidden websites is Tor. Tor is a free piece of software that lets users access websites and that helps defend traffic analysis. Tor works by bouncing a user’s communications around a network of relays that are run by volunteers. ( Most of the websites people can access with Tor are using the encryption tool they provide. This means these users will only be able to access them with Tor, or use the same encryption tool. These websites also have a .onion at the end. While Tor does do a decent job of hiding a computers location on the deep web, experienced users can still track where the computers location is and hack into it. The Hidden Wiki suggests that people trying to access the deep web follow these guidelines to stay a little safer. They recommend never clicking on something users don’t want to see or be, or would want authorities knowing about. They also recommend not clicking

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