The On The Educational System

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The educational system is one of the most important elements of modern society, it has as main objective to allow a large part of society to receive the same kind of education and training to throughout life. The education system also has other functions such as the socialization of individuals. Meanwhile, parents who are also known as mentors; have the obligation to care, feed, and educate their children. These mentors are determinants in the future and development of their children as a person in society. We live in a world in which we must strive every day to achieve and fit in society, where everyone should express a healthy coexistence, mutual respect and in where the practice of values and morality are taught through our parents. Doug Pray, the director of Surfwise, documented Dorian’s Paskowitz “Doc” and his way particular way of raising his children through the conflict between family and society values. He graduated in Medicine in Stanford, after that he falls in love with his third wife and decides departing from the conventional and stressful way to live a life according to his true passion. In the 50s, Dorian Paskowitz leaves his lucrative career as a doctor and immersed himself in his three passions: surfing, sex, and alternative life. Doc leaved the hectic lifestyle and move forward to be healthy and happy. In the surf he became a legend, sex fathered nine children, and alternative life was to put his large family in a 24-foot used cramped camper which was
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