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The gaming industry took America so far in entertainment for generations of young and old to play for decades to come. Starting from one of the developers of the atomic bomb used in World War II to the present day console wars of PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo games have been played. Computer engineers took steps and chances with their ideas, making them into successful business men in a brand new industry, creating new products of imagination, science, and reality. If there were no video games modern day products and small industries such as apple would not exist since Atari hired Steve Jobs to come work for them and not pushing him to the limit of the apple computer. New worlds were in place for developers and customers to explore and enjoy. The developer of the atomic bomb and first person to take a chance was William Higinbotham. His game started in Brookhaven in which he took charge and calling it Tennis for Two. His invention was “simulated on a screen was a vertical side view of a tennis court showing the edge floor with the edge of a floor with the edge of the net perpendicular to it” (Games…). The game system came with two controls having one knob and button on each one giving players to hit a small dot representing the ball moving back and forth. The actual device was connected to an oscilloscope having a simple design, although Higinbotham worked with technical specialist Robert V. Dvorak, who built it and Alexander Elia is designing, designs the blueprints.

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