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For my training project, I decided to train one of my co-workers. I decided to ask Danny if I could train him because he is young like me and I know that it has been extremely beneficial to me, to be aware about the health care system. The importance of understanding how we are insured and what our rights are, has never been more prominent. With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare,” in 2010, there were many changes to our health care system. The changes apply to everyone and I felt that it was my duty as a Public Health student to spread what I have learned to further engage my peers and allow them to take an active role. I gave Danny a short survey before I trained him to understand what he was interested in and…show more content…
I used this to set the base for why there has been a big push back to have a universal health care system. I also included that there was a big influence from the American Medical Association and the Republican party. There was also mention of how ideas of socialism and communism were very real for the United States and any idea that stemmed from this was not accepted. I then took this opportunity to talk abou the technological advances we have made and how that has contributed to the rise of health care. I made a note that just because we have the best technology, we are not showing the best health outcomes and are spending about $9,000 per person on health care yearly. Second, I gave a detailed explanation of Medicaid and the program’s role in our health care system. This was something that my co-worker was interested because he probably qualifies for Medicare. I decided to start by showing a video I found on YouTube that talked about Medicare and Medicaid. It did a great job at explaining that Medicaid is a needs based program that is determined by income. Medicaid covers the basic things that we need to keep healthy like, hospital services, doctor visits, prescriptions and nursing home care. In order to qualify, New Jersey is using data sources like the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security and Labor. It covers people with incomes up to 133% of the Federal Poverty Line. It also covers
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