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T.V. and radio news stations report current events about the U.S. government almost daily, but how do these stories relate to the major government concepts in the United States? Government is the leaders of the United States who make decisions for our country. Politics is present in the way politicians act to get elected and in what the policymakers choose to work on. Democracy is the process we in the United States use to elect leaders who represent us. Contemporary democratic theories are present through the groups who possess a large amount of power, and another theory is demonstrated through most politicians being wealthy. The American political culture is evident in the strong beliefs Americans have about their rights. The current…show more content…
The article about the new ISIS video makes it clear that our government needs to have a plan of action prepared if the U.S. is attacked. They need to be in control even during extreme situations. The article about the State of Emergency in Ferguson is an example of the government trying to prevent people being hurt. 6 2 8 3 10 11 13 5 Politics are, “the process by which we select our governmental leaders and what policies these leaders pursue.” In the article about Judge Jeanine, the judge thinks Obama has violated the American public’s trust and should be impeached. When a party, in this case Democrats, does things that the majority of Americans’ disagree with, like releasing terrorists, it lowers the number of people who will vote for them. Opponents of the Obama administration try to make issues seem worse than they are to further themselves. John McCain heavily criticizes Obama in another article. Obama is also hurting his own approval rates by being absent and not doing as much about current issues as is expected of him. Similarly, non politicians that strongly support one party will go after the politicians in the other party to try and draw more voters to their side as in the article where Krauthammer gives his views on Obama’s Refugee Status Proposal. They try to use keywords that will get Americans’ attention like when he talks about Obama distorting the law. The article, “President is Just
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