The On The Land Speed Record

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Katie Adkins
SSC Bloodhound - The race to 1000 'The land speed record is motorsport distilled to its most fundamental elements; Distance versus time. ' - Bloodhound SSC
At the start, the battle was between methods of propulsion, electricity and steam first fought it out, closely followed by the internal combustion automobile engine, and then pushed aside by turbojets and rocket engines. The first big breakthrough came when race drivers; Henry Segrave, Malcolm Campbell, Parry Thomas and Kaye Don fought their American rivals, managing to edge the record to Segrave`s 231.44mph record with the Golden Arrow in March 1929. This design of the vehicle gave way to a new type of car, one that was faster, greener, it was more aerodynamic and the
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After, another period of less rapid deceleration will occur, introducing the need to start the use of hydraulically operated dick breaks, but only if the car has reached below 200mph. If the car has not slowed to 200mph by this point then emergency parachutes will be deployed from the back of the car, which could potentially damage the chance for a second run to occur. 'The Land Speed record is calculated from average times of the car over two runs, completed within the space of one hour. The ability to control the cars stopping, and therefore the turn-round time, is key to the success of the record attempt. ' - Bloodhound SSC
The SSC Bloodhound is one of the most eco friendly vehicles out there, with less omissions than 5 cows over a huge distance, it is more eco friendly than the city cars powered by processed human waste. 'A lactating cow (a dairy cow): Produces over 6000 litres of CO2 per day, or 6000 x 365 = 2,190,000 litres per year. CO2 weighs (approximately) 0.00196 kg per litre, so the cow’s output is 2,190,000 litres x 0.00196 = 4,292kg CO2 per year.
BLOODHOUND SSC’s annual CO2 of 17,704 output is equivalent to 17,704/4292 (divided) = 4.12 cows. ' - Bloodhound SSC
Bloodhound SSC`s annual CO2 output is the equivalent of driving 64,684 miles (roughly 3 times around the earth in a straight line around the equator) in an average fuel powered car.
If the SSC Bloodhound team really want to make a big increase on top of the
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