The On The Night Shift

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Description: I have been working on the night shift in our ward. Upon arrival from the nurses station at around 2130 and received a handover, the evening nurse then left at around 2145. The handover was brief and basic; also it tackles all the important points that I need to know about the patients. After receiving handover from the outgoing nurse, I also received a ward handover as an in charge for the night shift. After completing the ward handover, I started with my initial rounds into one of my patients. The infusion pump was making a “downstream occlusion” noise, prior to that during handover, I heard a beeping sounds coming from one of the rooms in our ward but we ignored it. When I pointed the torch into the pump and examined the IV lines, I noticed that the administration rate of total parenteral nutrition or TPN rate seemed to be different from what was handed over to me. To make sure that the rate is correct or incorrect, I shuffled through the bedside notes. I looked for the TPN chart and found that the TPN bag had been changed at around 1700 with a different rate. It was more than four hours after the TPN bag was hung and administered at an incorrect rate. Feelings: Upon knowing that the TPN was administered at a faster rate, I was concerned and worried in relation to the patient’s observations and electrolytes. The patient was oriented and there were no signs of any electrolyte overdose. The patient was unaware about the error in the administration of the TPN.
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