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The Peoples Republic of China’s economy is now the second largest in the world with an estimated gross domestic product of $9.24 trillion USD (China, 2014). This is the result of a strict economic reform policy put into place in 1978, which removed emphasis on the agricultural sector and moved to the energy intensive sector of manufacturing. The growing demand for energy often came in the form of highly polluting coal-fired power plants, but in 1992 the Three Gorges Dam was approved with construction beginning in 1994. The world’s largest dam was intended to produce power economically, reduce environmental impacts, and help to prevent floods downstream. However, the Three Gorges Dam is often seen as highly controversial due to foreseen and unforeseen problems that have arisen following its completion in 2012 (Jackson and Sleigh, 2000). The dam may be one of China’s largest environmental oversights and social failure in recent years. For more than 300 years the Ming Dynasty ruled China overseeing great growth and prosperity, the standards of living in China during the 16th century were unparalleled even by the West (Zhu, 2012). During their reign the Great Wall of China was built as well as the Forbidden City in Beijing. In 1644 however, the Manchus overthrew the Central Plain of China resulting in the end of the Ming Dynasty and the creation of the Qing Dynasty. The Qing Dynasty was initially prosperous for the Chinese people, continuing what the Ming Dynasty had built

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