The On The Safety Of The United States

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Every day, each of us puts our safety – and our lives – in the hands of people we’ve never met. • We count on other drivers to drive responsibly when we’re on the road. • We count on the grocery store, food distributors, and growers to sell us food that’s safe to eat. • We count on the manufacturers of cars, tools, or toys to make sure that their products are safe when used as expected. • And we count on pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers to make sure that the drugs and devices that are supposed to heal and help us won’t in fact make us worse. Sometimes, however, the trust we put in others is misplaced. Sometimes, large corporations, pharmaceutical companies, and others put profit, greed, or efficiency over our safety. When that happens, consumers can suffer serious injuries or death. When that happens, victims need compensation to help them recover and deserve justice that will hold these companies accountable. When that happens, Osborne & Associates Law Firm P.A. in Boca Raton is there, providing aggressive advocacy and obtaining compensation on behalf of injury victims across the country. With over 50 years of combined personal injury trial experience and a nationwide reputation for tenacious representation, our lawyers tirelessly pursue compensation for victims of mass torts. We are committed to the well-being of each client we have the privilege to represent, and give them the personal attention and care they deserve. Our dedication,
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