The On The Surface Level

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On the surface level, all the games presented for this assignment are directly applicable to the everyday lives that the student gamers or their parents and guardians are exposed at school or in life. While some of the games were developed to be more deliberate in their approach to reach certain content or social agenda, these games could easily be incorporated into school curricula if planned carefully. In fact, a couple of games in this week’s offerings could be a more than relevant supplement to certain core subjects and specific units of instruction and still be engaging and challenging enough to hold their attention to think critically. Additionally, one or two of the games allow for the student gamer to take learning into their own hands and create games that help themselves and their peers. Yet conversely, there was one that may be too grand in instructional scope that students may be thrown off by the amount effort just to progress within gameplay. Nevertheless, all of these games have the potential of being placed in day-to-day school instruction.
While more of a study tool as opposed to an online video game, FlipQuiz allows for students, teachers, and other to create their own games using the instructional content of their choice. The whole format is reminiscent of the television game show Jeopardy; one has a number of categories and a series of tiered questions of different point value to choose from. Unlike Jeopardy, the answers do not have to come in
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