The On The Tom Green County Juvenile Probation Resources Website

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Programs and Services On the Tom Green County Juvenile Probation Resources website, I found quite a few programs and services that I believe would work for adolescents who are either at risk or already in the juvenile justice system. The programs and services are: the High Sky Children’s Ranch, The West Texas Boys Ranch, The Concho Valley Home for Girls, House of Faith, The Youth Advocate Program, and Big Brothers and Big Sisters program. The reason I believed these types of programs and services would work is because they all include some type of support, counseling and/or mentoring for adolescents and juveniles. The types of programs and service are extremely important because they offer adolescents and juveniles resources they may not be receiving at their home life. The programs and services I found to be more politically motivated are: The Department of Family and Protective Services (CPS) and The Texas Juvenile Justice Department. The reasons I find them politically motivated is because they are programs that are ran by the government, so they focused more on making money rather than offering help. They may offer help, but only to a certain extent due to the many regulations they have abide by. Disproportionate Although I was unable to determine the disproportionate minority contact (DMC) rate in Tom Green County/San Angelo, TX, I was able to find an overview and analysis done on the disproportionate minority contact (DMC) in Tarrant County “over a five year
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