The On The Vietnamese Culture

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Everyone grow up with their different paths of choices. Some paths are predetermined by the significances around them, while others create their own route from free will judgments. I was born and raised in an environment where every questions and plans were somehow magically answered and made for me. It actually was not magic that put me on a course like this. It was the surroundings, expectations and the people that I was growing up with that yielded myself how to not decide how I should operate my life. This road I used to walk on was one of the hardest obstacle I had to get out off in my life. Being a child in the Vietnamese culture can result to two options. The child can be an uneducated kid that has to sell lottery tickets or clean…show more content…
I had to go to cram schools late in the afternoon, meet up with my tutor every week, got punished just because I received a score of eight out of ten on an assignment and put on a thick pair of glasses at the age of ten. These are the effects when ones walking in a way of life that they were expected to partake. I did not really want to become a doctor or an engineer to my parents’ wishes but I was stuck in a deadlock of my culture. Fortunately, I was able to escape it because both of my parents realized that there will be no future for me if my future was based on an entrance exam and social connections to get my life somewhere. My family moved to the United States when fifth grade ended to unite with my dad 's family and to give my little brother and I an opportunity to get a shot at life. Though my family migrated to the United States, my parents and everyone in the Vietnamese community still urge me to become a doctor or an engineer. Everyone still carry the same thought that I envisaged would be gone when we live in the land of the free, the nation where dreams and goals are to be pursue at one 's own will. I ignored the recommendations and searched within my academic history to estimate what I am really good at in order to pick myself a career that I would be interested enough to care about achieving. Mathematics was always one of the subject that I found myself comfortable learning.
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