The On The World And Hope

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The Universe has a funny way of working itself out. There are those who put out good in the world and hope to get good in return. My story starts back in 2013 on the twelfth month of that year. It was Tuesday, December third, which meant my sister had commuted to college early in the morning and would return late in the afternoon. For me, Tuesday just meant that I had to go to school and think of all the possible ways to get out of class, even if it was just for five minutes. I contemplated going to the bathroom, but decided against it since I knew it reeked and there would be judgmental girls in there. I could not go to the nurse without a valid excuse so that meant I had to hang in there until the final bell rang. I got home from…show more content…
I’m pregnant. Silence filled the air as I struggled to gather my thoughts and form a cohesive statement. “.. Are you sure? Maybe you’re just late. ” “Yes, I’m sure. I took two tests to make sure.” “Okay so what are you going to do? Are you going to tell my parents?” “ I mean I have to but not today.. Maybe I’ll tell them when I start showing.” “Well just tell them before someone else does. If you don’t choose who you tell correctly, it’ll come back to bite you.” “I know I’ll tell them soon. Alright well I’ll see you when I get home” “Okay bye.” I hung up the phone, proceeded to look at my homework and decide if it was really necessary for me to do it at the moment. I put my homework up instead and went back to bed and started thinking about the events that had just unfolded. I started to think about all the worst case scenarios that would happen once my parents found out. I had a very religious upbringing and premarital sex was a big, fat no. In church, they always talk about sin and how bad it is. They say only God and the person committing the sin knew about said sin. I could not imagine what it would be like for the sin to actually show and everybody see it. I could not help my sister in that situation and that was terrifying. I was small, young, and lost. I feared what would happen to her. Life would not be the same because of this. Christmas rolled around and like every other year we spent it at
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