The Oncology Floor Of The Cancer Center Essay

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With Jana being off for the next few weeks, I am covering for her on the hematology oncology floor of the cancer center. Monday, I saw two consults that morning. Then in the afternoon, I contacted a patient about getting a wig ordered for her. I also made five, three-day phone calls to patients who have upcoming consults. Tuesday, I was covering consults again for Jana as well as helping Angie downstairs with various things. I saw two consults that morning, continued making phone calls, and met with a few patients in the chemotherapy room. I faxed in a patient’s gas reimbursement form to Arkansas Medicaid transportation system. The patients are required to sign this form, then the social workers sign as well to prove that the patient was truly at their appointment. I also helped Angie put care maps together that afternoon. Wednesday, I was with Angie on the radiation floor due to there not being any consults upstairs. Angie met with a patient that morning who was interested in completing a JETS application so she could have transportation for her cancer treatments. Angie printed off the application and I looked over it to just see what all questions it asked. I completed what questions I could for the patient by getting her information off the computer. What I did not know or could not answer, I left blank and Angie said we would have to finish it with the patient on her next visit. Angie completed a consult while I was working on the application and she wanted
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